Keep Your Nails Looking Fab with Our Top Tips for Healthy, Happy Nails

Keep Your Nails Looking Fab with Our Top Tips for Healthy, Happy Nails

At Maxilous Salon, we want to share some of our fave tips to help you maintain beautiful, healthy nails year-round.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Dry, brittle nails are no fun. Show your nails some love by moisturizing daily with cuticle oil and hand cream. For an extra moisture boost, treat yourself to paraffin wax treatments. The wax works wonders to lock in hydration.

Trim Them Right

Clip your nails straight across to avoid painful snags and tears. Use sharp clippers after a shower when nails are softer. File them into a rounded or square shape that you like. And don't cut cuticles - it can lead to infection!

Protect Your Hands

Wear gloves when doing chores and dealing with chemicals. That hot water and cleaning stuff can be rough on your nails! An apron can also guard your nails from damage in the kitchen.

Stop Picking!

We know it's tempting to pick at peeling nails, but it just makes splitting worse. Gently file away peeling layers instead. Keeping nails polished also helps avoid the pick.

Go Gentle With Tools

Using metal nail tools too aggressively under nails can cause injury. Be gentle, and try a wood stick if needing to push cuticles. Don't overfile either–just light buffing.

Consider Supplements

Biotin, calcium, multivitamins can provide extra nutrients to strengthen nails. Ask your doc about dosage recommendations first. A balanced diet gives you nail-healthy vitamins too.

DIY Treatments and Salon Services

At-home soaks and masks add moisture. For more intensive treatments, visit us! We offer nourishing services like collagen gloves, paraffin dips, reconstructor polish and more. Our qualified nail techs can diagnose and treat most nail issues.

There you have it! Our top tips for keeping your nails healthy and fab. Contact Maxilous Salon to book your next appointment. We can't wait to help you put your best nails forward!